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About us

Who we are ?

We are a local care provider that ensures we provide the best and tailored care for vulnerable individuals. We center our work on compassion, morals and respect in order to provide an exceptional service to your family.


Our specialisms services are:

Personal care

Oral hygiene


 Contenance support

Physical disabilities

Learning disabilities

Mental disabilities

Dementia care

Assisting with shopping , laundry and domestic needs

Escorting to hospitals, places of worship and GP 

Medication support 

End of life care

Palliative care

Adult age 18+

Adult age 65+

Our values

At loyalty care we go above and beyond to provide you with an outstanding care in order to sustain this:

  • We promote tolerance, diversity and individuality in our workplace.

  • We train staff exceptionally well and monitor their performance and personal development.

  • We put the service users' needs and demands at the heart of our service.

  • We promote a personal centered approach in all aspects of our services.

  • We ensure we have respect and maintain consent through all services. 

  • We take pride in the way we treat our service users.

Assisting the Elder
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