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Loyalty care services

We have a holistic approach to how we work and how we collaborate with the local community. We ensure that we support our service users to have a safe environment where they can flourish and achieve their own personal goals. 

Patient and Nurse

Personal care

At loyalty care we provide the following personal care services:

  • Continence management

  • Housekeeping

  • Bathing and showering

  • Oral hygiene

We will provide a bespoke care plan for the service users. We create a culture of empowerment to allow individuals to be heard. Personal care is important and it is vital that we establish a relationship with the service users so that they are comfortable. Gaining consent is applied in every aspect of our work, we understand that the service users is vulnerable and we need to ask for their permission before attempting any task and also to accept their right to decline care

Meal preparation

We will guarantee each individual has a meal that is customised to their cultural, religious and personal preference. We believe that in order to create a hearty and nutritious environment

Picking up Prescriptions

Medication support

At loyalty care, we provide a range of support. We make sure that we can cater to everyone’s medical needs. This includes prompting the service user to take their medicine and assisting the service user to take the dosage required.Our care workers are trained to record each time they provide medicine support. The record should include; who administered the medicine ,the dosage,the route,time of the administration and whether a medicine was taken or declined. Therefore, we will have a Medication Administration Record in place which is audited on a regular basis to prevent any mistakes and to ensure safe handling of medication.


We understand that it is a hard transition for the service users so we make sure that we spend time with the service users to establish a relationship with them. We match up the staff to the service users so that there are similar interests and hobbies.

Playing Chess

Palliative care

At loyalty care, we take palliative care seriously. It is crucial that we understand how to make the service users the focal point of their own care and to continuously support them. It is also essential to be able to assess the needs and concerns of the service users. In order to provide an efficient end of life care it is crucial that we will work with professionals to ensure the care plans and packages are well suited for the service users.

Live in care

We will make sure your loved ones are protected and looked as we understand that sharing your personal space is a vulnerable matter however the carers at loyalty will provide a state of tranquility and peace to you and your family. As a personal service that is tailored to your needs, our live-in care caters to all your needs or routines. 

Assisting the Elder
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