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Helping you along the care journey

At loyalty care we pride ourselves in making this journey as easy as possible for both service users,family and friends. With our expertise and skills, we want to make a smooth and peaceful transition. Understanding your needs and preferences is a key priority of ours  to produce a care plan which is a true reflection of your needs and wishes. 


Personal Care is a very personal aspect of life and can often leave people feeling vulnerable when discussing it with others. At loyalty care, we are always here to help and advise you in making the right choice. With interviews, bespoke advice and care plans; we ensure that we are including and guiding you so that this transition is a positive one. 

Age or ill health shouldn’t mean you are unable to do the things you enjoy in life. Loyalty care centers our work in prioritising your hobbies and interests to ensure you are always doing what you love. Promoting independence and dignity is what we do best.


 In addition to this, any questions you may have will be answered by our professional staff who are always ready to take a call or answer your emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right elderly care?

Here at loyalty we understand that it can be overly difficult and straining to make this decision by yourself , hence why we are centered in ensuring you make a well informed decision that is suitable for all those involved.

How soon can we start having care?

We require a minimum of 2-3 days to set up a safe care package to suit your needs and meet your requirements.


What is a care plan?

Care plans are essential in establishing a service that centers around you and your well-being. It is updated frequently to keep up to date with any changes or concerns you may have


Can I choose when to have care?

Yes. You can choose what days and times you would like to have care visits.


Will I have just one care worker?

We will introduce a small team of care workers to ensure we can fulfill all your care requirements during periods of staff annual leave, study leave, sickness, unavailability, and any unforeseen events.

How will the care worker gain access to my home?

We advise clients who are unable to open the door to install a keysafe. This is a secure box with a pin code to store a set of keys that visitors to your home can access to gain entry. Keysafe codes are stored in your digital file and they are only accessible to your team of care workers.

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